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News: Big Sean Helps "Glee" Girlfriend Say Sorry [Audio]

News: Big Sean Helps “Glee” Girlfriend Say Sorry [Audio]

Saturday, Aug 3, 2013 2:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

“Glee” singer Naya Rivera is holding a large step into a song attention spotlight and receiving some assistance from swat star beloved Big Sean with a new lane called “Sorry.”

While sum are still fuzzy, a song’s 30-second teaser has started creation a rounds online.

In between compelling his arriving manuscript Hall of Fame, Big Sean lends a palm to his partner Naya Rivera. The “Glee” star launches her song career with her initial singular “Sorry.” The musty record facilities a digitized hook, while a full chronicle boasts a hymn from a Detroit actor himself. “It’s been a prolonged time entrance and I’m so happy to share my song with we all,” tweeted Naya. (Rap-Up)

The 26-year-old singer reportedly inked a record deal dual years ago.

Glee star Naya Rivera is reportedly on a verge of rising a solo song career.

According to EW, Rivera has now sealed a understanding with Columbia Records to record a solo album. She will allegedly start work on her entrance LP once a stream Glee debate finishes after this summer. The singer initial seemed in a teenager purpose on a initial deteriorate of Glee, though was upgraded to a array unchanging for a recently-concluded second season. Her impression Santana Lopez has left on to accept an increasing volume of airtime this season, featuring in some-more solo songs and finding that she is a lesbian. Rivera is now a third Glee star to embark on a song career alongside a show, following manuscript launches by both Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling. (Digital Spy)

Earlier this month, Rivera suggested where she had her initial date with Sean.

“We met a while ago and we went to this small Italian grill for a initial date,” she revealed. “[How prolonged have we been official?] we don’t know, we should ask him. [laughs] He’s unequivocally understanding of a impression that we play [on 'Glee']. Everyday when we go out, he sees fans come adult [to me] and we tell him stories about people thanking me for personification this character; this helps them come out to their friends and family. He thinks it’s so cool.” (VIBE Vixen)

Recently, a Detroit local dished out his reaction to people going crazy over his new hook-up.

“I had no thought it was going to be like that,” Sean pronounced when asked about his greeting to his attribute standing going public. “It’s humorous given Naya, I’ve been dating her for a small while — we theory that [42 film premiere] eventuality was one of a initial large events that came adult while we was dating her. We was like, ‘Let’s go to it,’ given we both wanted to go. And we know, I’m kind of a private person, she’s a private chairman and a thing is we had a partner too before that who I’ve been with [for a prolonged time]. I’ve always been in a attribute given we was about 18 or 19, [that's] when we got with her. Things didn’t work out though not ’cause of all this — infrequently when you’re with someone, you’re 18 and we grow up, and it was prolonged stretch too, she lived in New York and we lived in LA, it was just, like, we grow detached as people. … As distant as Naya, it’s something new. … Naya is really cool. Our attribute is cool. Yeah, she’s tight.” (The Urban Informer)

Check out “Sorry”:

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